Lightning–fast Website Loading Speeds for Customers from Eastern Europe

For your web site to be a success, you should access a very wide market. If you're thinking about the Eastern European market, then your websites will be ideally operating out of our Bulgarian datacenter - Telepoint. Based in the capital, Sofia, this datacenter sits at the crossroads of both local and international main Internet lines plus, it offers you good connectivity for most Eastern European countries.

Should you want to target people from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etcetera, then having your sites in the Telepoint datacenter is really a wise step - not only will your website load quicker than if it was based in the U.S.A. or in the United Kingdom, but it will also rank higher for all local lookups.

Linux Website Hosting Packages in Eastern Europe

All of the website hosting plans, based in our Eastern-European datacenter will give you a risk-free web hosting experience. Having a 99.9% service uptime warranty, a 99.9% network uptime warranty in addition to a 50-day cash back guarantee, you are able to feel safe and secure, knowing your site won't go offline.

Our servers are equipped with really fast SSD drives as well as an advanced ZFS file system. It has enabled us to make multiple backups of your site, each day. Owing to our remarkable Control Panel, you can bring back each one of these backups with a click.

In addition, each web hosting account comes with an extensive assortment of 100% free tools and bonuses.

OpenVZ Linux VPS Packages in Eastern Europe

The OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers hosted in the Eastern-European datacenter are really the right decision if you need a new home for your top-ranked web site or demand a development environment for your future plans. Our virtual private servers have SSD drives, which provide extra-fast data reading/writing rates. Added to that, every virtual private server offers a 99.9% network uptime warranty. You can also select the OS for your server, as well as your Control Panel.

Grab our OVZ01, OVZ02 or OVZ03 plan for only $1.00* per month!


 CPU Core(s)
 Disk Space

* price is valid for the first 3 months

Linux Semi-dedicated Packages In Eastern Europe

When you are looking for a hosting solution that is more powerful than a standard hosting account, although more simple when compared to a standalone machine, or even a virtual server, then the Linux semi-dedicated packages we offer in our Bulgarian data center are the right choice for you. A combination between dedicated servers and cloud hosting accounts, they have the best of both worlds - simplicity and superb processing power.

All the Linux semi-dedicated packages housed in our Bulgarian data center use top-notch hardware components - fast CPUs, ample amounts of RAM memory, along with SSD drives. This ensures a lot quicker file access speeds plus much more reliable website performance. Each semi-dedicated server comes equipped with 99.9% service and network uptime warranties. Also, ut is loaded with loads of totally free bonuses thanks to our revolutionary Web Hosting Control Panel.

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